Auto Insurance Rates fall in line with Vehicle Theft

Understandably, vehicle theft has a direct effect on auto insurance rates and motorists will be left feeling reassured by the fact that statistics have decreased again for the sixth time in as many years. Recent figures released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau are showing an encouraging trend and this is being reflected in cheaper auto insurance quotes in most US states throughout the first half of 2010.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau, who also monitor fraudulent claim behavior, have been working in unison with law enforcement officers, legislators and member companies to promote an attitude of vehicle awareness and this has had a significant effect on local and national auto-theft crime. On a national basis, this particular problem area has fallen by a massive 18%.

Even though the latest reports are encouraging, vehicle owners are still encouraged to remain vigilant by taking note of a series of precautionary measures:

  • Vehicles should always remain locked and keys should be kept with the driver at all times
  • Fit visible and audible warning devices to deter thieves. It is always important to present a well-protected vehicle, especially if it is left parked outside overnight
  • Consider purchasing a GPS satellite tracking system for vehicles. As well as deterring car thieves, the chances of recovering your vehicle after a theft are significantly increased
  • Have all exterior window security etched so that they are instantly recognizable. Etching deters car thieves who may be stealing your vehicle to sell it on because the windows will need to be replaced at their expense before any a sale can be made

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