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Obtaining an auto insurance quote in the UK has become significantly easier in recent years. Prior to the advent of the internet, consumers were faced with the monotonous task of visiting multiple land-based outlets or spending several hours on the telephone engaged in lengthy and tiresome conversations with insurance company representatives. Today, most major insurance companies in the UK have their own web presence and these have been actively reinforced by a growing number of popular price comparison websites to significantly reduce the time investment previously associated with obtaining an auto insurance quote.

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However, there are other significant factors that have made purchasing insurance a more positive experience in the last fifteen years. Although many companies have closed down their land-based operations to work out of a single central office, the benefits of reduced overheads and staffing levels have seen the price of the typical UK auto insurance quote dip dramatically. Additionally, the introduction of price comparison websites has seen a large number of companies competing for the same business on a single web page and prices have lowered accordingly as each of them strategically adjusts the premiums to increase their own market share.

The importance of providing a competitive auto insurance quote has seen the typical UK family shave significant amounts from the cost of a policy and, because prices have a tendency to be within a few pounds of each other, the additional benefits added on by many companies sees more policies provided with free breakdown cover, free recovery and free courtesy vehicles in the event of an accident. The significant swing in favor of the consumer has seen the necessity of obtaining an auto insurance quote become far less frustrating particularly in the past five years.

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