Auto Insurance Liability in Mexico for Travelers

People who are planning to travel to Mexico need to be aware that their U.S. or Canadian auto insurance coverage doesn’t protect them when they are out of the country. Travelers who will be driving across the border will need to arrange for coverage which protects them while they are away from home.

Without coverage to specifically protect them while driving in Mexico, drivers will be personally responsible for paying for the damages they cause in an accident. They are likely to be arrested and detained by the authorities until an investigation reveals which driver was responsible for causing the accident. The specialized insurance coverage that a U.S. or Canadian driving going to Mexico should have in place should include liability coverage as well as bail, if necessary.

Failing to arrange for the right auto insurance coverage when traveling to Mexico is not a good option for drivers, either. Getting caught without coverage means the driver will be given a citation by a police officer. The vehicle may be seized as well, and the Mexican authorities are not required to return it to the driver.

When traveling out of the country, it’s important to confirm whether the existing auto insurance coverage is valid. Rather than taking a chance on being caught without having the right coverage in place, buying a policy from a company which offers auto insurance liability coverage in Mexico is a much better choice.

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