Auto Insurance Liability and Accident Scene Protocols

Following appropriate accident scene protocols will help to keep driver and passengers who have been involved in an accident as safe as possible. All drivers can make sure that they are carrying some basic safety equipment, such as a working flashlight, flares and jumper cables. Carrying a blanket and a First Aid kit in the vehicle is also a good idea.

When an accident occurs, the first consideration should be to ensure that the passengers are safe and that no further damage to the vehicle occurs. The car should be driven to the shoulder of the road if it can be safely done. If not, the driver and passengers should remain in their vehicle until help arrives.

The driver and passengers involved in the accident should write down all the details of the event that they remember shortly after the accident. The description should be focused only on what the person observed or experienced personally. The insurance company will want to interview the occupants of the vehicles as part of its investigation to determine which driver was at fault in the accident.

Exchanging insurance information with the other driver should also be done following the accident. The insurance company will need to be notified that an accident has occurred as well, even if the policyholder is not planning to make a claim. If the insurance company knows about the possibility of the other driver making a claim, it can be prepared to deal with the matter more easily.


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