Auto Insurance in Maine

Auto Insurance Coverage in Maine

Road users in Maine can be easily forgiven for feeling confused when it comes to choosing an auto insurance provider.  With so many different companies making so many different promises, how do motorists actually make an informed decision about their auto insurance requirements?

Auto insurance prices in Maine continue to be cheaper than those set for equivalent policies elsewhere in the United States. This is remarkably surprising because the minimum levels of compulsory cover set in the Pine Tree State are actually much higher than those demanded elsewhere. However, the relatively rural layout in Maine means that the likelihood of a road traffic accident actually occurring is significantly lower than it is in more densely populated areas.

The average price of a policy throughout 2009 was $1,407 compared to a national US average of $1,735. The minimum levels of auto insurance cover in Maine are as follows:

Perhaps the most important thing for residents of Maine to remember is that they always carry the minimum auto insurance mandatory requirements as required by state law. At the current time, a basic level policy will provide the following coverage:

  • $50,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $100,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $50,000 worth of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $100,000 worth of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per accident
  • $1,000 worth of medical payment coverage

It is illegal for road users in Maine to operate their vehicles without having a basic level policy in place as an absolute minimum level of coverage. However, the most commonly sold policies contain the following levels of auto insurance protection:

  • $100,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person
  • $300,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $50,000 worth of property damage liability
  • $100,000 worth of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $300,000 worth of uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage per accident
  • $5,000 worth of medical payment coverage

It is actually quite rare to see medical payments being made a compulsory factor in the US, although these costs are often covered on other ways. Medical payment protection helps to cover the cost of medical bills or funeral expenses although the minimum $1,000 level should be boosted if at all possible.

Older drivers in Maine will actually find the cost of auto insurance becoming even more affordable once they pass the age of 55. Insurers are obliged by state law to provide discounted insurance for veteran drivers who have completed an approved motor vehicle accident prevention course.

Effective coverage is easily obtained by using Promiga for all of your auto insurance requirements. Promiga operate as a price comparison website and only use A-rated carriers to provide their online auto insurance quotes. Every single one of our approved partners enjoys a sustained record of sound financial stability, consistent company performance, premium quality products and excellent levels of customer service.

A wide range of auto insurance quotes from a growing number of providers can be found within a few short minutes and we only require a Maine ZIP code in order to bring you a detailed range of policy options. There is no need to supply us with sensitive personal information and there will be no annoying follow-up calls or repetitive junk mail.

Promiga never charge a fee or commission for their auto insurance quotes. Every single policy offer is completely free of charge and there is never any obligation to make a subsequent purchase after using our services. While other price comparison websites continually look to increase their profits by charging site visitors for information, Promiga continue to build their reputation by only providing free auto insurance quotes that offer exceptional coverage and total peace of mind.

By gathering information from multiple providers, consumers can effectively compare their auto insurance quotes to make sure their policies provide the coverage they need. Road users in Maine are advised to take out sufficient protection for the type of vehicle they are using and to ensure that any policy purchase manages to combine a fair level of coverage for the premium being offered. A true value-for-money auto insurance quote will always be capable of satisfying these criteria and motorists are advised to never purchase a policy on the basis of price alone.

Maine Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Maine auto insurance buyers must have third party liability coverage in place to drive legally in the state. This coverage pays for damages suffered by the occupants of the other vehicle in an accident. Bodily injury liability insurance pays for medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages incurred by accident victims. The minimum level of protection required by law is $50,000 to pay for the damages suffered by a single accident victim and $100,000 for the damages of all victims of the same accident.

Property damage liability coverage pays for the cost of repairs to the other driver’s vehicle, as well as any public property damaged in the accident. Public property refers to mail boxes, sign posts and light stands in this case. The minimum amount required for this type of protection is $25,000.

Along with the third party liability insurance, drivers in Maine must purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in the same amount as the third party bodily injury coverage ($50,000/$100,000). This protection pays for damages when the at-fault driver does not have insurance or does not have enough coverage to pay for the damages he or she caused. The uninsured motorist part of the policy is used to top up the at-fault driver’s coverage. His or her liability coverage will be used first and when the policy limit is reached, the underinsured motorist coverage pays the difference (up to its policy limit).

Maine Auto Insurance Coverage and Fees

Maine auto insurance companies may charge fees to their customers in a number of situations. If you don’t have a clean driving record, you may be charged a surcharge by your insurer. The amount the company will charge is a percentage of your annual premium and the insurance company will add this fee to your policy for three policy periods after you have been involved in an at-fault accident or a moving violation.

If you decide to change insurance providers while your policy is in force, you will be charged a cancellation fee by the company. It will hold back 10 percent of any unearned premium when you change providers. A better choice is to make the switch at the time your policy is up for renewal.

Choosing to make your Maine auto insurance payments on a monthly basis may be more convenient and easier on your budget, but it also means that you will be charged extra fees by the company. The insurer charges more to customers who pay in installments to cover the extra administrative costs of collecting and processing the payments.

Making your payment late means that you are running the risk of having your coverage cancelled. There is no grace period if you don’t pay your premiums on time. If the company agrees to continue to provide coverage, you may be required to pay a late fee to keep your policy in force.

Maine Car Insurance Policy Cancelled by Company

Maine car insurance customers need to understand that the company can choose to cancel the policy during the first 60 days after it is issued. They can do so for any reason that is not specifically prohibited under state law. After the 60-day mark has passed, a cancellation by the insurer is treated as a mid-term cancellation and can only be made for the following reasons:

Failure to Pay Premium: The premium payment must be made on or before the date on the invoice you are sent. If the payment is not made, the insurance company has the right to cancel the policy. There is no “grace period” given to Maine car insurance customers, although the company may agree to reinstate your policy if you pay the amount owing promptly.

Fraud or Misrepresentation: If you lie or otherwise conceal information from the car insurance company that would affect the decision to provide coverage or use false information to make a claim, the insurer has the right to cancel the policy.

Suspension of Driver’s License: In a situation where you (or a named driver on your policy) has had a license suspension, the insurance company can cancel the policy.

To avoid having your Maine car insurance coverage cancelled by the company, make sure that you are truthful on your application for coverage and that you pay your premiums on time. Having your license suspended, such as when you are charged with a DUI offense, can also lead to your policy being dropped by your insurer.

Purchasing Commercial Auto Insurance in Maine

Commercial auto insurance is a vital aspect of any business operation and effective coverage allows for a simpler logistical process when it comes to the movement of staff, product and equipment. Road users in Maine are expected to carry the minimum level of mandatory auto insurance coverage and the same laws also apply to local businesses.

In reality, a basic auto insurance policy isn’t going to be sufficient for business use and company owners are best advised to talk to their carriers at length to establish the best of type of coverage to match their working interests. If a business is looking to insure a full fleet of vehicles, there will always be a good chance of additional discounts being applied.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we understand that chasing down cheap auto insurance rates won’t be as big a priority for business owners as it might be for private vehicle users. We strive to take the time and inconvenience out of obtaining the best business coverage deals by working alongside experienced A-rated auto insurance carriers who have many years of experience in dealing with large companies and organizations.

All of our auto insurance quotes are provided free of charge and we never pressure you into making a purchase. Our policies are provided in complete anonymity so there no need to worry about compromising your company interests by looking elsewhere for a preferential auto insurance deal. To compare our fantastic range of commercial auto insurance quotes, simply tap in your ZIP code for a fantastic online shopping experience!

Understanding Liability as part of your Maine Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability are two features that appear on every single auto insurance policy sold within the United States. Understandably, the levels of liability coverage can fluctuate depending on the state where an auto insurance policy is purchased.

Some states operate using a no-fault system where motorists involved in a road traffic accident claim from their own auto insurance coverage provider while other states operate under the Tort system where an at-fault motorist is deemed responsible for all bodily injury and property damage payments to third parties involved in an accident. If the recommended levels of auto insurance coverage aren’t in place, motorists will be expected to meet any liability costs personally.

If a motorist is involved in a road traffic accident without having sufficient auto insurance coverage in place, a third party driver can claim on their own policy and then pursue the at-fault driver for reimbursement. This process is known as subrogation and can be best described as a legal demand for financial responsibility.

Motorists in Maine are advised to use Promiga Auto Insurance quotes for all of their policy requirements. Our comprehensive list of A-rated providers specializes in providing liability coverage that meets minimum mandatory requirements in all 50 US state. Promiga specialize in online auto insurance quotes that are completely free from obligation.

We never ask for personal information and some of the cheapest auto insurance quotes on the internet are accessible by supplying us with a Maine ZIP code. We never bother you with nuisance phone calls, unsolicited junk mail or offers from third party companies.

Saving Money on Auto Insurance Costs with a Maine ZIP Code

If you are a road user in Maine, you may be aware of family members or friends living in different parts of the state who enjoy considerably cheaper (or more expensive) auto insurance quotes. Somewhat surprisingly, your ZIP code can have a significant effect on your auto insurance rates and there are a number of different reasons for this. However, your ZIP code alone will not determine the cost of your auto insurance quotes and there are a number of other factors that carriers will take into consideration before they provide a premium:

  • Previous driving history
  • Credit rating
  • Estimated annual mileage
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Type of vehicle
  • Security features
  • Safety features
  • ZIP code

Most of the above criteria are actually self-explanatory but your ZIP code can have just as big an effect on your auto insurance quotes as traffic violations, missed payments or multiple claims on previous policies. In particular, Maine residents living in areas with high crime rates will be expected to pay higher auto insurance rates as a means of reducing the risk taken on board by the provider. Even if a vehicle is kept in a secure overnight location, there is still a very good change that higher premiums will be applied.

As well as considering crime rates, auto insurance providers will also take population density and traffic levels into account. Areas of Maine with high population counts will inevitably be subject to increased levels of vehicle use and in turn, this increases the chances of a road traffic accident actually occurring. Once these alarm bells start ringing, the overwhelming majority of carriers increase their auto insurance rates accordingly.

At Promiga, we can use your ZIP code to offer you with multiple auto insurance quotes without the need for passing over sensitive personal information. As well as providing you with an accurate policy estimate based on the area of Maine that you live in, your ZIP code allows you to obtain auto insurance quotes anonymously so you’ll never be bothered with annoying follow-up calls or unsolicited junk mail from third party companies.

We provide a dedicated website that operates in partnership with some of the leading names in the auto insurance industry. Every single one of our approved carriers enjoys a top-level auto insurance rating that highlights their commitment to excellent customer service and product choice. Because we only work in partnership with household names that specialize in offering cheap auto insurance, our customers can enjoy huge financial savings without having to compromise on policy coverage.

There is never any charge for our service. Promiga only provide free auto insurance quotes and we never attempt to take a fee or commission through your enquiries. Additionally, there is never any obligation to make a purchase from our website. Multiple policy offers can be received in just a matter of minutes as soon as we receive your ZIP code and we genuinely believe that on a comparative basis of coverage and value-for-money, our free online auto insurance quotes are easily the best to be found anywhere!

Auto Insurance Tips for Female Motorists in Maine

Auto insurance rates in Maine can fluctuate greatly from motorist to motorist. When a carrier provides auto insurance quotes, polices are underwritten using set criteria that can either increase or decrease a premium. Driving histories, ZIP codes and credit ratings can all have a direct effect on auto insurance rates but gender can be one of the most influential aspects of all. Female drivers in Maine frequently enjoy cheaper auto insurance quotes but what are the reasons behind this?

Primarily, female motorists are considered to be safer drivers than their male counterparts. On a purely statistical level, female drivers are involved in a roughly equal number of collisions as male drivers but more often than not, impact takes place at lower speeds so repair costs aren’t as expensive. Male drivers tend to use freeways on a more regular basis and the higher speeds associated with them usually lead to more extensive accidents. Auto insurance quotes are usually adjusted accordingly to balance the levels of risk associated with all policy issues.

While some drivers seem to be unduly punished on a basis of gender, teenage motorists will find that they are penalized even further if they are also male. Young drivers represent one of the highest-risk categories in the world of auto insurance and quotes have been notoriously expensive for this particular category of road user for a number of years. Even though a female might be under 24 years of age, she will not be penalized as heavily an equivalently aged male.

The growing trend of rewarding female motorists with cheap auto insurance quotes has taking another significant turn in recent years and many advertising campaigns now target female road users. Indeed, a number of major auto insurance carriers now operate subsidiary companies that only offer coverage to women. To a certain degree, this leaves male drivers hanging on a limb and many could be forgiven for thinking that the world of auto insurance operates on a particularly uneven playing field.

Thankfully, road users in Maine can still have access to cheap auto insurance quotes irrespective of their age and gender. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we specialize in providing detailed coverage at affordable prices and only use A-rated providers to work in partnership alongside us. This means that our customers can still enjoy all of the benefits associated with being insured by blue chip companies but our auto insurance policies are always available at a fraction of the price.

Promiga believe in providing free auto insurance quotes so that motorists of both genders are treated equally. We never charge, take fees or make commissions from our growing army of site visitors and there is never any obligation to make any subsequent purchase. Your personal details are never divulged to third party companies and all of our online auto insurance quotes can be provided with just a Maine ZIP code. Promiga are delighted to offer the best levels of auto insurance coverage to men and women of all ages and are dedicated to saving you money on all of your coverage requirements.

Low Cost Auto Insurance for Teachers in Maine

The current economic climate has seen consumers flooding to price comparison websites in an effort to secure cheap auto insurance quotes. As awareness increases, many road users in Maine have learned how auto insurance companies differentiate between different groups and categories to establish premiums but it is a little-known fact that occupations can also have a significant impact on car insurance rates as well.

Employees and business owners who rely on the transportation of goods and products will be hit with higher auto insurance rates because of the amount of time that they spend on the road. However, there are a number of professions that are rewarded with cheap auto insurance quotes and teachers are one of the biggest groups to benefit from preferred policies. As well as spending very little time on the road, teachers are regarded as being very low-risk because of the responsible examples they are expected to set for their pupils.

Even with cheap car insurance rates already available, teachers can still take proactive steps to bring down premiums even further and price comparison techniques rank as one of the most important avenues to discounted rates. By collecting a wider range of auto insurance quotes from multiple providers, teachers will be able to analyze their options in order to find a suitable combination of detailed coverage and cost-effective pricing.

Some auto insurance companies actually operate special plans for teachers and these can be accessed upon request whenever a policy application is made. In addition, many schools are now taking advantage of group insurance schemes where all teaching staff can qualify for further discounts because of bulk auto insurance purchases. This type of policy purchase is an excellent way to maximize savings and saves time on the typical process associated with obtaining auto insurance quotes.

For teachers who don’t have access to group insurance schemes, cheap auto insurance quotes can still be obtained by using our dedicated website. Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes provide fantastic coverage options for motorists in any profession and we only work in tandem with some of the most experienced names in the industry to bring our customers fantastic deals on their car insurance rates.

We understand that teachers need to retain the right to anonymity and that’s one of the reasons why we never ask personal information when they apply for auto insurance quotes. Promiga can provide multiple policy options from a wide range of A-rated carriers and all we ever ask for is a Maine ZIP code. There will never be any unsolicited phone calls, no annoying junk mail and no chance of sensitive details reaching the public domain.

As a means of maximizing savings even further, Promiga only offer free auto insurance quotes and we never charge site visitors for using our services. All of our policy offers are provided on a no-obligation basis so you’ll never be placed under any pressure to make an actual purchase through the site. We believe that EVERYBODY has the right to cheap auto insurance quotes and continue to find new and innovative ways to bring you discounted premiums and optimum coverage.

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