Auto Insurance for Young Drivers in Wales

Recent research by the Motor Insurance Bureau has shown a dramatic increase in the number of young drivers operating vehicles without auto insurance coverage in Wales. It is estimated that in the last year alone, a further 10,000 drivers joined the ranks of uninsured motorists throughout South Wales alone to bring the total national number to 41,000. Indications show that many of these are new or young road users.

As with many countries in the Western World, auto insurance for young drivers in Wales is notoriously expensive. For many, even a basic policy is unaffordable and high unemployment rates are making the situation much worse. However, young drivers should be warned that if they are caught without adequate coverage in place, the consequences will be severe.

As well as facing prosecution, driving with auto insurance will result in a negative entry on driving records and this will make it more difficult to find a policy in the future. Even when a willing carrier is found, auto insurance rates are likely to be astronomical. Persistent offenders run the risk of losing their driving licenses and if an uninsured motorist is involved in a fatal road traffic accident, a prison term is inevitable.

To avoid the risk of prosecution, young drivers in Wales are advised to visit price comparison websites to find the best possible deals. By comparing individual auto insurance quotes on a side-by-side basis, it is entirely possibly to find cheap auto insurance rates without having to compromise on levels of coverage.

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