Auto Insurance for the Young UK Driver

The prospect of finding young driver auto insurance in the UK is an increasingly bleak affair. In many cases, auto insurance rates are so high that policies become unaffordable and this often leads to young drivers using their vehicles without any coverage at all. For those that do choose to abide by the law, it can sometimes be a case of postponing the right to drive until auto insurance quotes come down in price as they get older.

Thankfully, a conscientious approach to purchasing a policy can often result in lower auto insurance rates. Although premiums will still be high, it is entirely possible to shave hundreds of pounds from auto insurance quotes if certain criteria can be met. Indeed, some young drivers claim to be able to cut their auto insurance rates in half by following a few simple measures.

One of the most common reasons for expensive auto insurance quotes is the type of vehicle being driven. In the UK, young drivers are advised to purchase an older vehicle with an engine capacity of 1.2 liters or less. As well as reducing auto insurance rates, road tax for cars with a low engine capacity is considerably cheaper and this will result in further financial savings.

After passing a driving test, young drivers are advised to continue with their training. Many BSM affiliated schools offer advanced driving courses that incorporate motorway training, driving at night and defensive driving skills. By completing individual modules and gaining the relevant certificates, auto insurance carriers will reduce their prices accordingly.

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