Auto Insurance for the Australian Driver

The Australian auto insurance marketplace operates on a similar level to the United Kingdom and there are three different policy types available. Comprehensive auto insurance offers blanket protection for the vehicle of the policyholder as well as covering any liabilities to other motorists. On a lesser scale, Australians can purchase two different types of third party coverage including third party (fire and theft) coverage and a basic third party policy.

There are more than 70 different companies selling auto insurance in Australia and the majority of these are operating domestically. However, there are a significant number of overseas carriers that also offer auto insurance throughout the country. Most of them carry out the majority of their trade online through standalone websites or price comparison resources. Some still operate from land-based outlets but the Internet revolution has seen many companies opting for the cheaper running costs that the online trading has to offer.

Auto insurance is a legal requirement and failure to carry sufficient coverage can result in fixed penalty fines and driving suspensions. The growing number of uninsured motorists in Australia presents a problem for all road users but affordable auto insurance policies are actually quite easy to find. A reputable price comparison website, such as the one provided by Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, offers a wide range of different coverage options from the very best Australian and overseas auto insurance companies. By carrying out recommended price comparison techniques and reviewing policy offers carefully, Australian drivers can secure fantastic deals that combine detailed coverage with an affordable premium.

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