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Auto Insurance For Teen Drivers

Teen Driver Auto Insurance Facts

Teenagers pine for that day they’ll finally be old enough to drive. Unfortunately, youngsters see this as a rite of passage that they are entitled to. However, this new responsibility often creates headaches and higher auto insurance costs for parents. How can you add teen auto insurance to your policy, without increasing your premium too high or endlessly worrying that he or she will be in danger?

First of all… The Facts:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for 15- to 20-year-olds in the U.S. About 3,000 teens die in crashes each year and 350,000 more are treated for injuries in emergency rooms across America. Those statistics are alarming, but the good news is: there are ways to keep your child safe and keep your costs down at the same time.

What You Can Do

When you choose a safer car for your teen, you are also choosing a vehicle that comes with a lower auto insurance premium.

  • Send your teen to driver education. It’s important that teens are aware of the risks and costs associated with driving, which is why driver education should be an essential step before allowing your teen on the road. Maybe your teen will need to see a few car crash photos or videos of people bouncing off curbs because they didn’t wear their seatbelts to impress upon them the gravity of the power and privilege they will be taking on.
  • Pay for extra driving lessons. Many teens also have an hour a week of road time in a driver education course. However, that is not nearly enough time to develop comfort behind the wheel. Paying for added one-on-one time with a driving instructor can make you more confident that your teen is prepared.

Lower Your Cost

In many states, teen drivers can receive a discount on their auto insurance costs if they maintain a high GPA. You can also get lower rates if your teen has safety features installed in his or her car and takes a driver safety course. Be sure you get multiple auto insurance quotes to see that you’re getting the best rate.

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