Auto Insurance for Motorists in Wales

From the bustle of Cardiff to the tranquil hillsides of the Rhonda Valley, road users in Wales are remaining constantly vigilant of changes within the current auto insurance marketplace. Although auto insurance rates can vary greatly depending on location, Welsh drivers are enjoying some of the cheapest auto insurance quotes in the United Kingdom because of the rural nature the principality enjoys.

Wales, unlike England, only has three major towns and cities with high traffic density. Motorists in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport can expect to pay higher auto insurance rates than the rest of their countrymen based on location alone. The country adheres to the same auto insurance guidelines as the rest of the United Kingdom and there are three different levels of coverage available. It is a legal requirement to carry auto insurance in Wales and failure to do so can result in fines, driving suspensions and, in extreme cases, imprisonment.

The highest level of auto insurance available is fully comprehensive coverage. Unlike the United States, comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of repairs to a vehicle in an accident situation so collision coverage does not have to be purchased separately. Naturally, comprehensive insurance is more expensive but if a road user prefers a policy that only takes their liability responsibilities into account, they can purchase one of two different forms of third-party coverage.

A basic third-party policy covers all financial responsibilities to other drivers, their injuries and damage to their property. A third party (Fire and Theft) policy will cover replacement and repair costs for the vehicle of the policyholder if a vehicle falls victim car thieves, arsonists or accidental fire damage. This is in addition to third-party liability coverage.