Auto Insurance for Modified Vehicles in the UK

Modified vehicles are particularly common in the UK and their popularity owes much to the ‘Cruising’ movement that has arisen from films such as ‘the Fast and the Furious’. In many instances the owners of modified cars are young drivers and auto insurance companies view them as a high-risk group. How can owners of modified cars find cheap auto insurance rates?

Modifications can make a vehicle more of a target for theft and vandalism. However, owners can alleviate this risk by increasing the security features on their vehicle. A GPS satellite tracking system, security-etched windows and additional alarms or immobilisers will be looked upon favourably by auto insurance carriers. Keeping a vehicle in a secure overnight location such as a garage or lock-up will also help to lower auto insurance quotes.

Safety is another common issue that causes auto insurance companies to baulk. Modified vehicles usually have high performance engines that produce faster speeds and this can increase the risk of accidents. Fitting a car with anti-lock braking systems, advanced technology seat belts and roll cages will help to keep auto insurance rates down to a manageable level.

Building a safe driving history is equally as important but it can often take a little time to create a level of trust between vehicle owners and auto insurance companies. There’s little point in putting your life or your vehicle at risk so drive responsibly, participate in advanced driver programs and avoid making claims to build up a bonus history that secures cheap auto insurance rates.

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