Auto Insurance for Drivers Under 25 in California

Auto insurance for drivers under 25 in California can be notoriously expensive and most major insurance companies view young drivers as being part of a higher risk group. Statistically, inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than motorists in older age groups and this is one of the fundamental reasons why the cost of auto insurance for under 25’s in California is so much higher than for other drivers.

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However, auto insurance for under 25’s in California can be significantly reduced if young motorists pay attention to a number of key factors:

  • Raising the cost of deductibles will help bring down the cost of a policy but young drivers must be aware that they will be responsible for providing any insurance shortfalls in the event of an accident
  • Improved driver learning courses are looked upon favorably and can significantly reduce the cost of auto insurance for under 25’s in California
  • Safety features, tracking systems and immobilizers reduce the level of risk that an insurance company places upon a young driver and brings premiums down accordingly
  • Older cars and vehicles with smaller engine capacities are safer for young drivers looking to gain motoring experience and are considered to be in a lower risk group with most major insurance companies
  • Students acquiring good grades can often find cheaper auto insurance for under 25’s in California
  • Minimizing the amount of estimated mileage, and adhering to that declaration, is another great way to drive down insurance costs.
  • Becoming a named driver on the policy of a parent or guardian with a safe driving history is often cheaper than trying to purchase Auto insurance for under 25’s in California on a standalone basis
  • A good credit rating shows insurance companies that a driver is dependable and helps to reduce the cost of a policy because of the lower risk factor involved

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