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Auto Insurance Coverage without a Driving License

There are a number of individuals who might need to obtain auto insurance before they actually have a driving license in place. On the surface, obtaining auto insurance quotes might seem to be a daunting prospect. After all, the auto insurance marketplace is awash with stories about road users who have to pay extortionate rates even if they have a valid driving license in place. Young drivers, those with a poor driving history and motorists with multiple claims are amongst those who are more commonly affected by high auto insurance rates.

However, obtaining auto insurance coverage without a valid driving license isn’t as difficult as it may first appear. For a start, there are now more ways to purchase a policy than at any time in the past and the competitive online market has made it much easier to find the perfect deal. Furthermore, an increasing number of carriers are dedicating their services towards high-risk drivers and many of these offer preferential auto insurance rates for those who have yet to obtain a driving license.

Many road users may find it confusing as to why somebody might need auto insurance when they won’t be legally covered to drive a vehicle if a license isn’t in place. However there are a number of situations why this may arise. A vehicle owner without a license may wish to obtain auto insurance coverage as a means of continuing registration while others may simply need a policy so another driver can use a vehicle on their behalf.

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