Auto Insurance Companies Perform Well Despite Recession

A recent survey has indicated that auto insurance companies are continuing to perform well even though the current recession continues unabated. Studies were gathered by Market Force Information, a company that operates as a business and consumer consultation entity. The survey gauged the opinions of 2,800 auto insurance policyholders and measured levels of customer satisfaction.

One of the most significant areas of review was claims handling and out of those who completed a survey, 18% had submitted a claim through their auto insurance company in the past twelve months. Of that number, a massive 85% of policyholders were delighted with the way their chosen carrier had handled their auto insurance claims.

Other important points raised by the survey were the influence of cost and finding comparative auto insurance coverage that offered genuine value for money. Surprisingly, many of those taking part in the survey said it was equally as important to obtain effective auto insurance coverage and purchasing a policy on price alone was not a priority. 59% of those questioned said price was important but 27% emphasized the importance of having good service and strong levels of protection included as part of their consumer experience.

The survey revealed that many auto insurance purchases were made on the recommendations of friends and family although 10% of those questioned said that they had chosen to change their auto insurance carrier over the previous 12 months because of the poor levels of service they’d received.

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