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Auto Insurance and the Young Australian Driver

As with many other countries throughout the Western world, Australian auto insurance can be notoriously expensive for young drivers. When accident rates throughout Australia are studied, young man drivers inevitably make up the overwhelming percentage of road users involved in fatal incidents. Understandably, this makes young driver auto insurance one of the highest levels of risk for carriers to underwrite.

This can be a particularly frustrating situation for any new motorists who actually adopt a sensible approach to driving. Although there are undoubtedly young drivers who use their vehicles irresponsibly, the majority of road users under the age of 25 are actually very conscientious about their commitment to road safety. Unfortunately, auto insurance underwriting is carried out in relation to motoring groups as a whole and this means that all young drivers will have expensive auto insurance rates applied to their policy automatically.

In the United States of America, young drivers can express their responsibility levels by maintaining good school grades and presenting them to their chosen auto insurance company. This is not a common practice in Australia and the only way new motorists can make an instant impact on their auto insurance quotes is by taking an advanced driving course to improve their skills and attitudes towards road safety. Over the longer term, auto insurance rates can only be reduced when a safe driving history is maintained. Once a period of considerable and accident-free driving has been completed, a discount will be applied to any subsequent auto insurance quotes.

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