Auto Insurance and the UK Motoring Public

The United Kingdom is made up of four different countries that include England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Irish Republic is an independent state but still uses similar auto insurance guidelines to the member countries of the UK.

Auto insurance rates are largely based on statistical information relating to accident rates and driver performance in separate counties although major cities such as London, Glasgow and Cardiff will have statistics of their own. Quiet, rural areas such as Buckinghamshire and Devon have lower auto insurance rates than busy areas such as the Midlands, which is largely comprised of inner city drivers and boasts Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton as just three of its’ many constituents.

The most expensive auto insurance rates in the UK mainland apply in London where accident levels are at their highest. Major towns and cities also have a higher percentage of uninsured motorists and auto insurance rates are increased in these areas to compensate for the shortfall in premiums. However, those caught without a valid auto insurance policy in place can expect to suffer severe financial and restrictive driving penalties.

The vast majority of auto insurance quotes provided in the UK are now offered on price comparison websites and most major auto insurance carriers are affiliated to these resources. Because policies are offered on a side-by-side basis, UK motorists will find it much easier to find cheap auto insurance quotes on a price comparison website than they will on a standalone alternative.