Auto Insurance and Moving to Prince Edward Island

If you are planning to move to Prince Edward Island (PEI), you don’t need to buy a new auto insurance policy until after you arrive. Your current policy will be in force for up to 30 days after you relocate.

You should contact your current auto insurance provider before you leave to ask for a letter of experience. This document will set out how long you have had insurance coverage in place and how many claims you have made. It’s a good idea to get a copy of your driving record as well, since your new insurance company may ask for it.

Once you arrive in the province, you will need to exchange your driver’s license for one issued by the Prince Edward Island Ministry of Transportation. You will also need to change the registration on your vehicle and get new license plates.

After you have looked after these steps, you can start shopping around for coverage. Your current car insurance company may not offer coverage in PEI, and if it does, it may not have the lowest rates.

You can shop around for your Prince Edward Island car insurance coverage by checking out prices online. To get this information quickly, visit a web site that offers a quote tool so that you can get multiple quotes at once.