Auto Insurance and Gender Discrimination

A growing number of US motorists are becoming increasingly aware of the significant difference in price that male drivers have to pay for an auto insurance policy when compared to those purchased by their female counterparts. Are there sinister forces at work in the auto insurance marketplace or are there genuine reasons why men have to pay more for their coverage than women?

Auto insurance quotes are established on a basis of risk and carriers employ underwriters perform detailed analysis before a premium is offered. There are many different criteria that the underwriters use including the type of car being driven, the geographical location of the driver and even the crime rates that affect the area in which the driver lives.

However, one of the biggest influences that affect auto insurance quotes is gender and there are several reasons for this. Many consumers believe that women are involved in fewer accidents than men but statistics show that both genders are involved in a similar number of road traffic collisions each year. So why are auto insurance quotes so obviously different?

Auto insurance quotes actually vary between the two sexes because women tend to do most of their driving in built-up areas and often have children in the car. This results in a more defensive driving style that takes place at lower speeds. Men, on the other hand, spend more time on freeways so speeds are inevitably higher and when an accident occurs, impact damage is significantly greater and this results in higher accident repair costs.