Car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland

Although it is not actually part of the United Kingdom, car Insurance in the Republic of Ireland operates under the same legislation as the rest of the British Isles. Motorists in the Irish Republic have access to most of the major UK insurance companies as well as all the price comparison sites that have become … Read more

Car Insurance in Northern Ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland works on the exact same basis as the rest of the United Kingdom. Policy prices in Northern Ireland, however, are amongst the most expensive in the world owing to the heavy rate of car crime in cities like Belfast. The minimum legal requirements are that each driver has a policy … Read more

Is my Fast Auto Insurance Quote Accurate?

How accurate is a fast insurance quote likely to be? Any fast auto insurance quotation will only be as accurate as the information you have provided. Most insurance quotes in the modern age are received online and some websites only gather a minimal amount of information that will be added to when a consumer finally … Read more