Australians: How Extra Features can Reduce your Auto Insurance Quotes

Most Australians will already be aware of the fact that exterior and engine modifications can quickly bump up the cost of auto insurance quotes. Body kits, alloy wheels and other cosmetic changes can act as a magnet to thieves or vandals while performance-enhancing changes increase speeds and this will inevitably push up auto insurance rates. However, advanced security and safety additions will actually make your auto insurance quotes cheaper.

GPS Satellite Tracking Systems

Tracking systems are amongst the most innovative types of interior vehicle technology and the installation of an approved kit can be a great way to save money. Even if your car is stolen, information regarding the whereabouts of the vehicle can be easily retrieved and this helps to keep auto insurance rates to an absolute minimum.

Etched Windows

DIY window etching kits are available from most aftermarket auto stores and vehicle owners can easily inscribe license plate details onto glass to make their vehicle more easily identifiable. Thieves who steal cars with a view to selling them on illegally will usually avoid a model with etched windows because they will have to be replaced before a transaction can be made.

Anti-Lock Braking

Anti-lock braking systems give car owners more control in an emergency situation. Although speed can be instantly reduced, anti-lock braking technology allows the driver to manipulate the direction of the vehicle while it slows down. This can help to minimize accident damage and subsequently lowers the cost of auto insurance quotes.