Australian Car Insurers

Finding your way around the myriad of Australian car insurers can sometimes be a little confusing, especially as the vastness of the Australian terrain leaves so many different options to be considered when taking out a policy. Furthermore, the increasing popularity of Australia as a haven for tourists means that finding the best Australian car insurers is vital to the success of planned journeys and expeditions.

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For those using hire vehicles, it is important to note that there is no obligation to purchase auto insurance from the rental company. Indeed, rental company customers may choose from one of many Australian car insurers in the hope of finding a better deal.

AAMI are one of the largest and most recognized Australian car insurers and are highly regarded for their research programs that take safety conditions of Australian roads into account when deciding on the potential price of a policy. AAMI have taken a strong stance against the rise in DUI issues within the Australian mainland and also penalize road users who have been convicted of using mobile phones while driving.

RACV are another of the largest Australian car insurers and are based in Melbourne.  However, RACV are able to provide nationwide insurance coverage for Australian citizens and travelling tourists.

Although accident collisions are rarer in large parts of Australia because of the sparseness of the territory, the roads themselves can be particularly dangerous especially outside of towns and cities where they often become little more than dirt tracks. The correct choice of Australian car insurers can be the key to a successful trip for tourists and trouble-free motoring for Australian drivers.

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