Ask Questions and Save on your Auto Insurance Quotes

There are five simple questions that all road users should ask in an attempt to bring down the cost of auto insurance quotes. By giving a positive answer to every one of them, you can be assured of receiving some of the best auto insurance rates in the country.

Do I have the right level of coverage?

Many road users lose money by being over or underinsured. Purchasing an extensive policy for an old car with a low market value isn’t cost effective. However, purchasing too little insurance can leave drivers with additional expenses in the event of an accident.

Is my policy up to date?

By ensuring personal information is valid, premiums and auto insurance quotes can fall significantly. Remember to tell your carrier if you have been recently married or reduced your annual mileage.

Shall I increase my deductible?

The higher your deductible, the cheaper your auto insurance quotes will be. Remember not increase your deductible to an unaffordable level as this could cause problems if you are involved in an accident at a later stage.

Am I entitled to discounts?

Find out if you might be entitled to discounts. Students with good grades, drivers who have passed a defensive driving course and those with no claim history will all qualify.

Can I save by shopping around?

Price comparison techniques are universally recognized as the best way to find cheap auto insurance quotes. Remember to apply for multiple policies and make your choice on a basic of coverage and price combined to get the best value-for-money.

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