Arkansas Car Insurance and Policy Exclusions

No insurer will cover every situation that may result in a loss, and Arkansas car insurance companies are no exception. When you buy a policy, it’s important to review the terms carefully so that you understand exactly what you are covered for and what the policy exclusions are.

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Some common exclusions in car insurance policies are:

Nonfortuitous Damage

This term refers to damage intentionally inflicted on the vehicle by the policyholder to collect insurance benefits. If it ever crosses your mind to torch your own vehicle to raise some cash, you won’t be covered if the insurance company investigator determines that you were responsible.

Duplication of Benefits

If a person who is injured in a car accident qualifies for Workers’ Compensation benefits, he or she cannot collect bodily injury damages for the same injury. This kind of “double dipping” will not be allowed.

Road Rage

Your insurance company will not pay for either damage to your vehicle or a bodily injury claim that stems from an act of road rage. Intentionally hitting another driver’s vehicle because you have some kind of a beef with them because of their driving or behavior is not a good choice if it means you have to foot the entire bill for your car repair or medical bills.

Personal Property Damaged in Accident

Any items you are transporting in your vehicle that are damaged in an accident are not covered by your car insurance policy. You may be able to make a claim under your homeowner’s insurance to have them repaired or replaced, check your policy to be sure.

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