Arkansas Car Insurance and Motorcycle Coverage

Arkansas residents who own motorcycles need to have insurance in place before hitting the road. Under state law, motorcycles are treated as a different class than automobiles, and are not covered under a standard car insurance policy. The owner must buy a separate policy to cover any bikes he or she owns.

Before buying a motorcycle insurance policy in Arkansas, a customer needs to follow the same steps as he or she would use when buying car insurance. Pricing and coverage terms can vary greatly between companies, and a customer needs to consider the options carefully.

Shopping around and getting quotes from several companies is a great strategy for getting the best pricing on motorcycle insurance in Arkansas. For it to work well, the customer needs to make sure that each one quote is for a similar level of coverage and that the deductible levels are the same. Increasing the deductible on a car or motorcycle insurance policy means lower premium rates, since the policy holder is agreeing to assume a greater level of financial responsibility for a claim made against the policy.

There are discounts available to customers looking for motorcycle insurance in Arkansas. A person who owns more than one bike can get a multi-bike discount, for example. Successfully completing a motorcycle safety course can also mean better pricing for consumers. Experienced motorcycle riders who have been licensed for a few years can also qualify for a discount on premium costs.