Arizona Car Insurance Laws

The subject of auto insurance quotes can raise many questions for residents of Arizona. Motorists in the Grand Canyon State, like those from most of areas of the US, can often be left in a state of confusion regarding the subject of auto insurance and it is essential that the legislation surrounding the entire topic is thoroughly understood. By developing an understanding of the way the laws operate, it can actually be possible to find cheaper car insurance quotes.

Primarily, it should always be remembered that auto insurance is a mandatory requirement. If a vehicle is used without sufficient coverage, the driver runs the risk of being unable to assume financial responsibility in the event of an accident. Auto insurance laws are in place so that motorists can meet these responsibilities and most policies in Arizona provide coverage for bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Before a vehicle can be registered in Arizona, motorist must be able to provide proof of financial responsibility. In most cases, this is offered by way of a certification of insurance although it is also possible to post a bond or deposit a sum of cash to the value of $40,000. For most residents of Arizona, an insurance policy is the cheapest and most affordable option available. When obtaining car insurance quotes, Arizonians should be aware that they will need to carry $15,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person, $30,000 worth of bodily injury liability per accident and $10,000 worth of property damage liability.

When car insurance quotes are being considered, it is highly recommended that motorists apply a certain amount of diligence in order to find the best levels of coverage. Multiple auto insurance quotes should be obtained from as many different carriers as possible. This gives the motorist the opportunity to compare prices effectively and to differentiate between the types of coverage each insurer provides. Most insurance companies advertise nationally and details of each carrier can be found on television, in the newspaper or through a local publication of the Yellow Pages. In addition, a search engine will also provide a series of links to the independent websites of major insurers and in most cases, auto insurance quotes can be provided directly from these resources.

Another great idea is to find insurance carriers based on the experiences of friends or relatives. If another individual has had good experiences of an individual company, there is usually a very good chance that their standards of service extend to their entire customer base. It is important to note that good service is every bit as important as affordable car insurance quotes. Price comparison websites are also excellent resources and can provide detailed policies from a large number of different insurers without the need to visit multiple web pages.

When comparing auto insurance quotes, there are a number of things that should always be remembered. While price will always be an important consideration for many motorists, the level of coverage being offered is also vital. At the very least, a policy should be able to provide the minimum levels of coverage made mandatory by the state of Arizona. The individual needs of each motorist can vary greatly so it’s important to tailor a policy to meet those requirements. The driver of an older vehicle with high mileage will not need extensive coverage in the same way as an owner of a new vehicle of classic car might prefer.

Another important factor of comparing prices on car insurance quotes is discounts. Reductions can be given if a certain number of requirements are met by the motorist and these will include a good driving history, a respectable credit record, Safety or anti-theft devices, low mileage coverage, good student grades, the completion of advanced driving examinations and age. Many insurers will also apply an automatic discount in the region of 10% if a policy is purchased online.

When car insurance quotes are being gathered, it can be important to note that not all insurance companies will automatically apply discounts. Many carriers choose to hold discounts back in the hope of motorists choosing to purchase a policy at the stated price. However, most agents working on behalf of these companies actually have a certain level of play in the auto insurance quotes they provide so it can be very beneficial to ask for a particular discount if you do not already feel it is being applied. Rather than losing your business, an insurance company will usually try to match the prices of competitors or increase the level of coverage being offered.

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