Facts about Driving Out of State for Arizona Insured Drivers

If you decide to go out of state to a jurisdiction with a higher minimum level of auto insurance coverage than what Arizona has mandated, are you still protected? In most cases, your car insurance coverage extends to providing you with at least the minimum level of coverage required in the state with the higher minimums. You should check your policy or contact the company or your agent before hitting the road to be sure.

It’s always a good idea to make sure you know exactly what your level of coverage is, and the details of what you are covered for. No policy will provide protection in all circumstances, and you need to know what the exceptions are for your car insurance policy.

If you happen to be involved in an accident while out of state, contact your car insurance company immediately. You should do so even if it appeared to be a relatively minor occurrence and you don’t think that the other driver or the occupants of his or her car will be making any claims for damages.

In some cases, the full extent of a person’s injuries don’t become apparent for some time. Simply because the occupants of the other vehicle don’t make a claim immediately, it doesn’t mean they will not do so before the limitation period runs out. The sooner your insurer knows about the incident, the more effectively it can help you.

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