Arizona Auto Insurance and Renting a Vehicle

If you rent a vehicle while you are traveling in the United States or Canada, and need to make a claim, the rental agency’s insurance company will be primarily responsible for paying out on it. Your personal car insurance will be secondary.

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This means the rental agency’s policy will pay for the damages you were responsible for causing in the accident. If the car rental company’s coverage is not enough to pay for the damages incurred for injuries and any property damage, your personal policy will make up the difference, up to its policy limits.

Damage caused to the rented vehicle may be covered under your collision or comprehensive coverage. The collision part of your policy pays for the cost of repairing your vehicle after the impact. Comprehensive coverage comes into play where the damage to the vehicle was caused by something other than a collision. It protects you from damage caused by fire, wind, hail, etc. If you hit an animal while driving, the comprehensive coverage will cover the repair costs.

Before renting a vehicle and hitting the open road on your way to adventure, check with your insurance company to find out how coverage is handled if you decide to rent a car. Then you can focus on enjoying yourself while you are away from home.

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