Are Saskatchewan Auto Insurance Rates Cheaper for “Green” Cars?

Auto insurance buyers in Saskatchewan who chose to buy hybrid or fuel efficient cars can get a break on the cost of their coverage. The provincial government has introduced its “Go Green” plan and under that program, customers are entitled to a 20 percent discount on the cost of their basic insurance coverage and vehicle registration fees.

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The cost of the program is being covered by the province’s General Revenue Fund, and is not being assumed by the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). Under the plan, approximately 7,500 auto insurance customers will quality for the rebate. The average amount given out to eligible policyholders is $175.

Residents of Saskatchewan are required to buy their basic car insurance coverage from the SGI. Optional car insurance coverage, such as collision and comprehensive protection, is offered by various auto insurance providers. The type of vehicle is considered when these companies set rates for consumers, since the insurer needs to evaluate the likelihood that an applicant will make a claim on his or her policy.

There are other factors that Saskatchewan auto insurance companies consider when determining how much to charge for coverage, too. The annual mileage that a driver puts on his or her car is one of them. Keeping the total number low means the chance of having an accident is reduced. Customers should make a point of sharing this type of information and asking about available discounts.

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