Free Auto Insurance Quote

Are Free Auto Insurance Quotes Worth it?

Many road users view free auto insurance quotes with a certain amount of suspicion. After all, if something is being offered without a price attached to it, there as to be something inherently wrong with it, surely? At Promiga, we’ve found this to be anything but the case!

When you pay for online auto insurance quotes, what exactly are you paying for? When you go to your local store or supermarket, does the manager wait outside and take money from you before you enter? Of course not! As a customer, you are in a privileged position and being charged to use any sort of service should automatically set alarm bells ringing.

There should be no exceptions when it comes to obtaining auto insurance quotes. If you’re being charged a fee or have to pay an expensive commission once a policy has been purchased, the chances are that your price comparison website is profiting directly from your custom. At Promiga, we find such behavior unethical and that why we offer our free auto insurance quotes without any strings attached.

When you obtain your online auto insurance quotes at Promiga, you’ll immediately be placed into the hands of some of the best carriers in the business. All of our partners enjoy industry-recognized ‘A’ ratings and will provide free auto insurance quotes without trying to force you into making a purchase. No personal information is required and you are invited to apply for as many auto insurance quotes as you like without having to worry about being charged for them.

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