Are Exotic Car Rentals Covered Under Auto Insurance Coverage?

Drivers should not assume  that exotic car rentals are covered under their auto insurance coverage. Before renting a vehicle, make a point of checking the policy language or contacting the insurance provider directly to find out whether the car rental is covered and how much protection is available.

Credit card companies may offer secondary insurance coverage for a rental vehicle, but the driver will need to use the card to pay for the rental to take advantage of this coverage. Secondary coverage comes into play when the policyholder has exhausted the coverage available under his or her main insurance policy.

In some cases, the credit card company will provide primary collision coverage for a rental vehicle. The driver’s primary policy may not cover a rental car if the driver is traveling to a foreign country, but the coverage offered by the credit card company may extend to travel to a different nation.

The agency may have specific policies about who can rent a vehicle. The driver may need to be at least 21 years of age before he or she will be allowed to rent a luxury vehicle. The driver will also need to have a clean driving record (no accident or moving violations). A DUI conviction will likely mean that a driver will be barred from renting a luxury automobile; the agency looks at past events as a way to predict future behavior.

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