Alternatives to Tricky California Auto Insurance Coverage

Car insurance buyers who have been rated as high risk may be tempted to resort to tricky California auto insurance tactics to try to get coverage, but this is not a good strategy. An insurance company may issue a policy instantly to customers who buy online, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take the time to check out the information on the application form. The insurer will pull an applicant’s driving record to confirm how long he or she has been licensed and to check to see whether any claims have been reported on the policy. The insurer has the option of  canceling the policy on grounds of fraud or misrepresentation, and a lapse in coverage will make it more challenging for a driver to find another company interested in extending coverage.

A person who has been rated as non-standard for car insurance coverage purposes will likely be paying higher rates for his or her coverage, but that doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t have options. There are companies which specialize in providing coverage to this niche market, and the rates that they charge will vary, depending on how comfortable the insurer is with assuming risk on behalf of a policyholder.

Depending on the reason for being classified as non-standard, a driver may be able to improve his or her rating. If higher rates are being charged because of an accident or moving violations, a person can qualify for better pricing by maintaining a clean driving record for several years.


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