Alberta Car Insurance Discounts: Ask About Available Options

Alberta car insurance buyers who are interested in getting the best rates should ask about available discounts as well as get quotes from a number of insurers before making a choice about which one to buy their coverage from. Insurance companies offer discounts in a number of circumstances and a buyer may be able to qualify for more than one.

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In that province, car owners who change their tires seasonally can qualify for a discount on their coverage. It may be worth up to five percent on the cost of their coverage.

People who want to pay less in premiums should consider raising the deductible on their Alberta car insurance. A policyholder who increases his or her deductible to $1,000 from $500 can save an additional five percent on his or her coverage. Before doing so, it’s a good idea to make sure that having to pay more out of pocket won’t put a strain on the customer’s budget, since the deductible must be paid before the insurance company will pay out any money on a claim.

Paying the premium annually instead of monthly can also save money. Many insurance companies charge extra fees to customers who want to choose a monthly payment option. They do so to recover the additional administrative costs associated with this method of payment.

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