Alaska Car Insurance and a Lapse in Coverage

For Alaska car insurance customers, having a lapse in coverage is something that should be avoided. Being without coverage, even for one day, can have severe consequences if you are involved in an accident during the time the policy lapsed. You will be personally responsible for any damages caused in that instance.

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If the lapse in coverage occurred because a payment was missed, contact your insurance company as soon as you discover the issue. Some companies will allow you to make a payment online to bring your policy up to date. If not, make arrangements to get the payment to the insurer as soon as you can and find out when your policy will be back in force.

A policy lapse can affect your pricing when the time comes to renew your coverage. If the insurance company offers to renew your policy, you may be faced with having to pay higher prices. Even if you get back on track with your car insurance coverage, the fact that your policy lapsed will remain on your record with the insurer. You may be considered a higher risk for coverage because the policy was not kept continuously in force.

If the lapse occurred because you are finding that your insurance coverage is too expensive, it’s time to start shopping around for cheap Alaska car insurance. Going online to get quotes from other companies is a good way to find better rates.

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