Alaska Auto Insurance for Newlyweds

What does getting married have to do with Alaska auto insurance coverage? When you go from “me” to “we,” it can affect the rates you pay for insurance. For one thing, insurers look favorably on people who are married. They are seen as being more responsible than single people.

The logic here is that a person who is mature enough to get married will be operating his or her vehicle in a careful and responsible manner. The insurance company rewards people who are considered lower risk for insurance purposes with lower premium rates.

Newlyweds can also find out discounts that apply to them. If each person owns a car, they can get better rates for their coverage by putting both vehicle on a single policy. Buying car insurance from the same company that holds your tenant’s or homeowner’s policy can also help you save by giving you a discount on both policies.

Getting married is the kind of life change that may mean that you need to modify your Alaska auto insurance coverage as well. Do notify your existing company about the change in your marital status and ask if it affects the rate you are paying. If your policy will be up for renewal shortly anyway, you may want to allow the policy term to finish before possibly switching to a different provider.

In the meantime, get quotes from other companies to help you decide whether to stay with your current provider or if it’s time to move on to a different company.