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Alaska Auto Insurance for High-risk Drivers

High-risk drivers who are looking for Alaska auto insurance coverage will be paying higher rates than people who are rated as standard drivers.  An individual may be put into this category if they have a DUI (Driving While Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) conviction on their driving record or they have been involved in more than one accident within the past few years.

Some people who have been placed in the non-standard (or high risk) category may have their insurance policy canceled by their current car insurance company. The insurance company may refuse to renew the policy when it comes up for renewal as well.

Simply because a person needs to find Alaska auto insurance for high-risk drivers does not mean that they shouldn’t shop around to get the best possible rates on their policy. There are insurance companies that specialize in this niche market, and some standard companies will also offer coverage to a driver who needs non-standard protection.

Even if a driver is considered high risk driver at a certain time in his or her life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always have that designation. Maintaining a clean driving record for a few years can go a long way toward being able to qualify for lower rates, since an insurance company will look at an applicant’s driving history for up to five years when setting rates.

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