Affordable Illinois Auto Insurance

The average of an auto insurance policy in Illinois during 2009 was $1,210 which reflected a saving of 31% on the national US average during the same period. Although affordable Illinois auto insurance is clearly available to many motorists, certain groups are less likely to find competitive prices and must alter their policies accordingly to secure a better deal.

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Illinois state law makes auto insurance a compulsory factor in driving and all motorists must hold a minimum level of 20/40/15 coverage. Although most drivers will qualify for affordable Illinois auto insurance, there are some motorists who will be inevitably turned down for a policy or made to pay a higher premium. Young drivers, owners of performance cars and those with a less-than-perfect driving history are all subject to paying higher rates for their auto insurance.

However, costs can be driven down by following a few simple measures:

  • Driving an older vehicle with a small engine capacity is a favorite method of securing affordable Illinois auto insurance. Avoiding modifications is also recommended
  • Increasing the cost of deductibles on a policy will usually help to lower your premium
  • Restricting mileage reduces the risk of being involved in an accident and insurers will be more inclined to offer discounted rates if you spend less time on the road
  • Security and safety features such as satellite tracking systems, window etching and airbags can all be contributory factors in securing affordable Illinois auto insurance
  • Becoming a named driver on the policy of a family member with a clean driving history can also help lower costs

For those in Illinois who are unable to break the barriers of expensive auto insurance policies, there is also an option of taking out ILIAP insurance if an insurer has refused insurance within the previous 60 days.

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