Affordable Car Insurance

The expenses associated with running a car in the UK have been continually documented in trade magazines, consumer television shows and the national press.  The spiraling costs of fuel, road tax and spare components have made the necessity for affordable car insurance more important than ever. While costs continue to rise in most other aspects of motoring, the conscientious driver can still find many ways to reduce expenditure on motor vehicle insurance.

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The popular concepts of shopping around with a wide range of different brokers and using price comparison websites may be effective measures in containing costs in terms of sourcing the cheapest option available in relation to the type of vehicle owned but there are a number of individual aspects that can be considered when trying to secure affordable car insurance.

Safe driving has always been a key element in keeping insurance costs under control. The more conservative a driver is, the more affordable car insurance is likely to be. This is reflected in lower premiums for drivers who have acquired several years of no-claims bonus awards irrespective of whether they shop with the same car insurance company or not. Mileage reduction is also a key factor in affordable car insurance because prices are lowered in accordance with the time a driver spends on the road.

Additionally, drivers owning smaller vehicles with an engine capacity of less than 1.1 liters will also be more likely to find affordable car insurance. Increased security features, car tracking systems and secure parking are also significant elements that help keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Affordable car insurance can even be secured by drivers of classic or antique vehicles. Many companies offer special terms on collectable vehicles and if the driver is a member of a recognized owners club, the reductions can be even greater.

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