Admiral Car Insurance

Admiral car insurance has been trading in the UK since 1993 and are highly regarded for rewarding motorists with huge no claims discount awards if they continue to possess clean driving records while taking out their policies with the company. Admiral car insurance also looks favorably on higher risk groups and are recognized as one of the most competitive options for young drivers and owners of performance vehicles.

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As well as providing affordable rates for traditionally problematic driving groups, Admiral car insurance are also well known for providing competitively-priced policies for those living in inner-city areas where crime rates and vehicle thefts are usually at a higher-than-average level.

One of the most popular services offered by Admiral car insurance is the Multicar option where individuals with two or more vehicles in their household can secure fantastic deals. Even better, household occupants do not need to be family members so Multicar offers a fantastic option for university students or those living in shared accommodation.

Admiral car insurance provide a number of other benefits to their customers every time a new policy is taken out including a free courtesy car while insured vehicles are being repaired, no claims discounts for all named drivers on a policy and free 24 hour roadside assistance.

Although Admiral car insurance can be found on their own website, they are also earning a growing reputation for their competitive pricing structure on a number of price comparison sites. Consumers are advised to gather car insurance quotes from both of these resources as prices on specific policies can fluctuate slightly on occasion.

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