Additional Driver Insurance in California

Legislation dictates that motorists in the Golden State must possess a minimum level of insurance cover and the same compulsory factors also apply when purchasing additional driver insurance in California. Whether additional drivers have their own standalone insurance or are named as drivers on an existing policy, the 15/30/5 Tort system remains in force.

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Additional driver insurance in California covers liability for motorists in the event of an accident where they are identified as being at fault. As well as being responsible for a minimum of $15,000 worth of individual injury liability and $30,000 of liability for 2 or more third parties should an accident occur, additional driver insurance in California will also require a minimum of $5,000 worth of cover for damage to property.

In the event of an additional driver being uninsured or underinsured when involved in an accident which they are responsible for, the California Department of Motor Vehicles reserve the right to suspend a driving license for up to 12 months. If damage costs are not met during this interim period, a license can continue to be suspended indefinitely until all issues are resolved.

Additional driver insurance in California does not offer named persons on a policy with the benefit of driving any vehicle. Indeed, the named driver is only insured when taking to the road in the vehicle that is listed on insurance documentation. Naturally, additional driver insurance in California comes at a price and being added to an existing policy will ultimately raise the premium involved. A history of poor credit, speeding tickets and other motoring offences will inevitably drive costs up even further.

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