A Quick Guide to Temporary UK Car Insurance (Part Two)

Can temporary car insurance cover anybody?

Temporary car insurance is also be useful if you live in a quiet, rural location and have visitors who need make use of your vehicle during their stay. Before purchasing temporary car insurance, always check to see whether the additional driver is covered to drive a second vehicle under the terms and conditions of their own policy.

I’m going on a race day. Can I purchase temporary car insurance for that?

When a car is being used for racing, one-day car insurance is generally sold as a secondary policy. This is because most vehicle owners purchase a main car insurance policy that doesn’t cover racing. As a means of keeping costs down to a minimum level, car owners can purchase race-specific coverage on a one-day basis as part of their existing policy.

How do temporary car insurance quotes work?

As with any other car insurance policy, quotes can vary immensely. Generally, there will be predefined car insurance rates applicable for the first day which are imposed at the same level over several days. After this, the car insurance rates are usually much lower. A car insurance company might charge £20 for the first and second days, but the rates will subsequently drop to approximately £10 for each additional day that a vehicle is driven.

Are there any exclusions that apply?

Exclusions vary from policy to policy. Generally, the terms and conditions of a temporary car insurance policy will be tighter than those found on a typical annual deal. Exclusions might include a minimum age clause, a ban on drivers with penalty points, restrictions on road users with a history of multiple claims and no coverage for newly-qualified drivers. Some car insurance companies impose price limits that affect the minimum and maximum value of covered vehicles. In some cases, there will be a limit on payouts if a claim is made irrespective of the damages and costs incurred.

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