A Quick Guide to Temporary UK Car Insurance (Part One)

Temporary car insurance is best described as a policy where motorists can choose the length of coverage over a shorter time period Car insurance can be purchased for a single day, or to a maximum of one calendar month. Beyond this, most car insurance companies expect their customers to take out an annual policy

Why is temporary UK car insurance available?

Originally, temporary car insurance was only available to companies and individuals with an association to the motor trade. However, it has become widely available to the UK general public since 2005, but many drivers are still unaware of its existence. Temporary car insurance has become more widely available because Internet technology makes it much quicker for a car insurance company to set up policy.

Why might I need temporary car insurance?

By and large, temporary car insurance is purchased by people who own vehicles that they rarely use. This includes classic cars that are displayed at shows or a second vehicle that is used for occasional leisure trips, such as a camper van. Temporary car insurance policies are perfect for people when they move home, and vehicles that are only driven occasionally can be taken to the new property by road. Temporary car insurance is a much cheaper alternative to hiring a car transporter.

What happens if I want to loan out my main vehicle?

One-day car insurance policies are perfect for additional drivers. If you are usually the only person to drive a particular vehicle, the chances are that you will only own a single-driver car insurance policy. If you want to go on a driving holiday and share the driving with a friend or family member, it can be much easier to purchase temporary car insurance for the other driver instead of adding them as a named driver on your existing policy.

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