A Guide to Auto Insurance for Business Owners in Kentucky

The subject of auto insurance remains an important factor for many company owners in the state of Kentucky and obtaining the correct level of coverage can have a significant impact on the fortunes of any thriving business. All companies that use vehicles as part of their daily operations have a legal obligation to be fully covered and this makes the search for cheaper auto insurance quotes something of a priority.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, our A-rated list of providers specialize in offering business packages that can be individually tailored to suit the demands of any company irrespective of size and stature. All auto insurance quotes are provided free of charge and there is never any obligation to actually make a purchase from our dedicated website.

Our partners offer some of the most competitive auto insurance rates available and can provide detailed coverage to meet your company criteria:

  • All policies meet the minimum mandatory requirements for the state of Kentucky
  • All auto insurance quotes can be specifically tailored so multiple employees can use company vehicles
  • Usage type and estimated mileage will be considered to help produce the cheapest auto insurance rates
  • Coverage can be increased to include vital auto insurance add-ons such as collision coverage and comprehensive insurance
  • Multiple auto insurance quotes can be provided so business owners can effectively compare the coverage being offered
  • Policies are available for leased or hired vehicles as well as those that are actually owned by the company

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