A Comprehensive Guide to Australian Auto Insurance (Part Two)

Now that we have covered the different types of auto insurance available in Australia, it is worth reviewing the different ways in which a policy can actually be purchased. Essentially, there are four different ways in which antipodean road users can obtain their coverage.

Land-Based Outlets

Purchasing an auto insurance policy from a land-based outlet is one of the more traditional ways of shopping for coverage. However, the sparse geographical nature of Australia makes this impossible for motorists who live in rural areas. A bricks-and-mortar option can also be a particularly time-consuming affair and it will usually be necessary to visit several different outlets before a suitable policy can be found.

Telephone Call Centers

Motorists who live outside the big cities in Australia will find telephone call centers particularly useful. By contacting a designated helpline, a policy can be easily purchased. Unfortunately, applicants will usually have to make several calls before the right type of policy is found. Furthermore, some telephone call centers attract high tolls and these can often negate any savings that are made when the auto insurance policy is actually purchased.

Standalone Websites

Most auto insurance companies have their own stand-alone websites. The majority of them are fairly easy to navigate and using one of these resources will inevitably save time when compared to land-based outlets and telephone call centers. Unfortunately, a series of different sites will need to be visited in order to find a wider range of policy offers.

Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites provide a one-stop shop for all auto insurance requirements. They offer a full range of policy offers from an extensive number of different providers and road users can compare auto insurance deals on a side-by-side basis. Additional discounts are usually offered on price comparison websites and motorists can make savings of up to 10% on a policy purchase made elsewhere.

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