A Comprehensive Guide to Australian Auto Insurance (Part Three)

Having established the different types of auto insurance available in Australia and the methods with which they can be purchased, it is worth considering the variety of self-regulated activity that can be applied in order to save money on your auto insurance quotes:

  • Wherever possible, try to obtain your auto insurance purchase through a price comparison website. These resources allow motorists to obtain multiple auto insurance quotes from a single page for maximum convenience
  • Work hard to maintain a safe driving record by adopting a conservative attitude to vehicle use. Driving defensively will minimize your chances of becoming involved in an accident and subsequently lower your premiums
  • Enroll in an advanced driving course. This will supplement and improve your current road skills and a pass certificate can be presented to your auto insurance provider in order to obtain a discount
  • Living in one of the big cities? Residents of highly-populated areas such as Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide will inevitably attract higher auto insurance rates because of high crime statistics and traffic volume. Decrease your annual mileage to lower the risk you present and to enjoy further savings
  • Don’t let criminal activity bump up your auto insurance rates. Always keep your vehicle in a well-lit area and make sure the latest security devices are fitted as a deterrent for car thieves. GPS satellite tracking systems are expensive but they can pay for themselves over a period of years because of the savings you’ll make when purchasing auto insurance

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