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7 Most Common Auto Insurance Claims and What They Cost

Learning about the most common auto insurance claims can save you money. Since auto insurance premiums are based on the total pool of drivers and all the claims filed with a particular company, rates can vary dramatically from provider to provider — but can also be lowered if each driver takes precautions against the risks.

1 Animal Collisions

According to MSN Money, the average cost of damage from hitting a deer is $3,171.

2 Vandalism

According to eHow, the average cost of cosmetic damage by vandals is $100-$300, so many people pay out-of-pocket for these expenses, rather than deal with the cost of their insurance going up once a claim is filed.

3 Theft

Allstate says the average cost of a stolen vehicle is around $6,649. You can expect a much higher premium after this! Many drivers opt to install additional security features to protect themselves from this crime.

4 Windshield Damage

CostHelper says the cost of a new windshield ranges from $157 to $324. Crack repair is usually less than $100. Beware of offers to “fix your windshield for free,” as these companies often inflate the repair costs and result in higher insurance premiums.

5 Back Injuries

Lawyers fight to get these claims paid out as high as possible! Peterson Law Offices estimates that settlements range from $900 to $115,000.

6 Whiplash

According to the Whiplash Prevention Campaign, whiplash claims cost the US a total of $29 billion annually.

7 Fender Benders

Small fender benders where no injuries are reported are the most common type of auto insurance claim. According to MSNBC sources, the average repair cost is a whopping $2,000!

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