5 Tips to Getting Cheaper Auto Insurance

The modern age has seen the auto insurance marketplace becoming more competitively priced than ever and the increasing popularity of price comparison websites and online insurance brokers has seen consumers reaching for the keyboard in record numbers. However, many consumers still choose to implement a series of helpful tips to help them achieve the lowest policy prices possible. Not every deal on the internet offers true value for money and avoiding the huge glut of marketing hype by employing a proven purchasing strategy can literally save consumers hundreds of dollars.

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Tip 1 – Always Shop and Compare

The chance of finding the perfect deal without comparing quotes is highly unlikely. Choose a series of prices from an assortment of companies and remember to compare policy coverage as well as premiums.

Tip 2 – Discounts

Never be shy in asking for discounts. Most major insurance companies hate losing business to their rivals. Although many insurers won’t advertise their discounts, most will have a certain amount of space set aside for negotiation when dealing with potential customers.

Tip 3 – Hidden Costs

Always reserve the time to check the terms and conditions of any prospective policy.  Ask your insurance company to provide clarification if you feel that hidden costs or charges might be applied after accidents or upon renewal.

Tip 4 – Optimize Coverage

Never settle for the minimum levels of mandatory cover if you can realistically afford to increase your coverage. A policy with only the basic level of cover may not offer the protection you need if any subsequent accidents are of a serious nature.

Tip 5 – Careful Driving and Ownership

A clean, safe driving record will lead to cheaper premiums upon renewal. Fitting additional security features such as alarms, immobilizers and security-etched windows will also help to reduce costs.

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