Auto Insurance Rates

4 Basic Factors that can Swing your Auto Insurance Rates

The ease with which quotes can now be obtained has led to consumers looking further into the world of auto insurance coverage. Because less time is needed to find policy offers, more time can be lent to the factors that actually drive up auto insurance rates in the first place.

1 – Location

The area in which you live will have a massive effect on any auto insurance quotes you receive. Most reputable price comparison websites only require a ZIP code before a premium is offered. However, the ZIP code you provide can have a direct effect on the auto insurance quotes you actually receive. High-density urban areas with more vehicles on the road and higher crime rates will attract more expensive auto insurance quotes than sparsely-populated rural areas.

2 – Vehicle

Auto insurance rates will fluctuate greatly depending on the type of vehicle you are driving. High-performance models with a high engine capacity will receive auto insurance quotes that are more expensive than older cars with a low market value and smaller performance levels.

3 – Driver

Driver information is integral to the auto insurance rates applied on individual policies. A motorists with a clean driving history will attract cheaper auto insurance quotes than a road user who has a string of accidents listed on their record. Those who avoid driving convictions will also attract cheap auto insurance rates.

4 – Coverage Requirements

The more coverage you need, the more expensive your auto insurance quotes are likely to be. Those who need extra features added to a policy, such as comprehensive insurance or collision coverage, will have to pay higher premiums than a driver who only requires a basic auto insurance package to cover their vehicle.

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