12 Things you never knew about Auto Insurance (Part One)

Road users in the US could be readily forgiven for thinking their auto insurance concerns begin and end with finding a suitable policy. The growing trend of using price comparison websites, such as the one provided by Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, has made the search for effective coverage easier than ever because multiple policies offered by a range of top-rated auto insurance companies can be obtained and reviewed in a relatively short period of time. However, there are a number of issues that can still arise even though that perfect policy purchase has been made so much easier in recent times.

1 – Paying for the Bad Driving of a Friend

If a friend uses your vehicle and subsequently becomes involved in a road traffic accident, any claims will have to be made through your own auto insurance company and you will be responsible for any deductibles that may apply. Naturally, your friend will have had to have asked your permission to use the vehicle.

If the person who used the vehicle did so without your express permission, it’s unlikely that you will be held accountable for any damages. If your friend turns out to be uninsured and the damage caused in the accident exceeds the limits of the policy, any injured third party drivers will be able to sue for expenses caused by damage to property and medical treatment. To avoid this type of situation arising, it is recommended that any friends or family members that are likely to use a vehicle are added to an existing auto insurance policy.

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