10 Ways to Reduce your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Costs

Auto insurance carriers underwrite their policies by determining the level of risk that an individual motorist presents. There are three different types of category that a road user in Massachusetts can fall into and these are classed as preferred, standard and non-standard. Motorists in the ‘preferred’ category will usually be experienced road users with a good driving history and payment record while those in the ‘non-standard’ group will have multiple claims and traffic violations against their name and a poor credit record.

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The bigger the risk a motorist presents, the higher their auto insurance quotes will be. Promiga deals with a growing number of A-rated auto insurance companies to bring you some of most competitively-priced policies available anywhere.  We specialize in providing free auto insurance quotes on an obligation-free basis and work tirelessly on your behalf to bring you a range of informative articles that can also help save money on all of your coverage requirements.

Even after an auto insurance policy has been purchased, some road users will find that costs increase when renewal is required. Rising business costs and changes in information provided by the policyholder will both have an effect on car insurance quotes but motorists with a proactive attitude can continue to enjoy cheap auto insurance by following a few simple tips:

Talk to your Insurer – If you feel your premium has risen without good reason, talk to your insurer directly to find out why you are being charged more for your policy. Ask if anything can be done to help reduce costs but be careful not to drop your coverage to a level that leaves you insufficiently protected.

Maintain a Good Driving Record – Avoiding accidents, traffic tickets and other related issues will help to build a better driving record and this will always result in cheaper auto insurance quotes. If you are involved in a road traffic accident and are found to be at fault, your premiums will rise dramatically so try to adopt a safe, defensive attitude every time you use your vehicle.

Increase your Deductible – Raising your deductible is a sure-fire way of reducing your auto insurance rates. However, it is important to make sure that any additional costs that are likely to result in the wake of a road traffic accident are easily covered.

Changing Insurer – Sometimes, changing your carrier will be the only realistic way of reducing your auto insurance rates. However, it is always worth advising your existing insurer of your intentions. Most companies hate to lose business to their competitors and in many cases, they will try to reach a compromise if you are serious about taking your custom elsewhere.

Reduce your Coverage – In some cases, the only way to find cheap auto insurance quotes is to reduce your coverage although this is only advisable in extreme cases as further costs may arise if you are actually involved in an accident.

Reduce Mileage – The less time you spend at the wheel of your car, the lower the chance there is of actually being involved in an accident. Consider the options you have to reduce your annual mileage. Car pools and public transport are great ways to bring down your auto insurance rates.

Change Vehicle – An expensive sports model will always be more expensive to insure than an older vehicle with a small engine capacity. Remember that your auto insurance rates will usually increase whenever you buy a new vehicle.

Avoid unnecessary Add-On Features – Collision coverage and comprehensive insurance are great for new or nearly-new vehicles but they aren’t particularly cost-effective options when applied to an older vehicle. Try to avoid additional auto insurance features that you don’t really need.

Understand Discounts – Discounts are supplied on most auto insurance quotes when a motorist meets certain criteria. If you have passed a defensive driving course or have a young driver on your policy who consistently achieves good grades, make sure that your auto insurance carrier is giving you the reductions you deserve. Never be afraid to ask for discounts if you feel they are not being applied correctly.

Vehicle Features – Vehicles that have been fitted with anti-theft devices or additional safety features will qualify for cheap auto insurance rates. If your car has airbags, immobilizers or security-etched windows, make sure your auto insurance company is aware of them to qualify for maximum discounts.

By taking precautionary measures to influence their auto insurance quotes, motorists in Massachusetts can enjoy all of the benefits associated with superior coverage at a completely affordable price.

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