10 Secrets to Finding the Cheapest UK Car Insurance (Part 5)

The car insurance industry within the UK continues to be a bustling marketplace that consumers can exploit to their own advantage. While many UK road users undergo the annual routine of renewing an old car insurance policy without paying any attention to premiums, the modern consumer understands that there are a number of factors that can influence car insurance rates.

9 – Club Together to get Cheap Car Insurance

If you are a member of a club or organisation, there may be some car insurance plans in place that can help you to find cheaper premiums. Motoring clubs, in particular, are taking advantage of the special terms offered on group car insurance plans and the benefits of cheaper car insurance rates are ultimately passed on to their members

This practice is now moving into many workplaces and some companies buy into group car insurance plans as a means of providing a cost-effective motoring option for their employees. The more people that are involved, the cheaper car insurance rates tend to be.

10 – Rewards for Careful Drivers

Motorists who use their vehicles in a safe and considerate manner are the ones who are most frequently rewarded with cheap car insurance quotes. As well as adopting a defensive attitude to motoring in general, road users can also enjoy further savings if they manage to avoid driving offences and unpaid parking tickets. There are a growing number of car insurance companies that are refusing to cover high-risk groups at all and the reduced likelihood of a payout means that premiums are kept to a minimum for all motorists with an exemplary driving history.

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